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“Excellent professionalism shown by all... Very smooth - was on time & the team worked together very well.


-Sheila W.



“You're In Great Hands... Clean office. Great staff. Professional service. Dr. Nevins knows what he's doing. As the old saying goes: "You get what you pay for." The service and work is top notch. I've worked with another oral surgeon before that was okay but Dr. Nevins does a full mouth consultation and does great work. Even his stitch work looks great and every procedure is pretty painless.

Dr. Nevins is a high demand Periodontist so it may be hard to get an appointment but its worth the wait in my opinion. And the office does not schedule too many patients at the same time but runs a very efficient office to make the most of each day, which I am okay with. You come. You get what you need. You leave. All in a really nice dental office with a great doctor. What is there to complain about? I would not hesitate to recommend this dental practice to anyone.


-James K.



“Check-up and cleaning... Everything was fine, thank you.


-Barbara B.



“Professional and friendly staff... The procedures were explained in a way that was easy to understand.


-Patti M.



“High Quality, professional and friendly... Diane did a fantastic job today as a hygienist. She always does. She is thorough, professional and gentle. She is an outstanding pro!


-Tom C.



“I had consulted with other Periodontists and they said my case was too complex and they didn’t want to take me as a patient...It was very discouraging and frightening. But Dr Nevins said, “I can help you.” I believed him. And, he carried out my faith in him. He is solid confidence. “I can help you.” That has been true every step of the way. My whole mouth will be completely new by the end of my treatment.

Dr. Nevins commitment to his work and his attention to detail is astonishing and complete. He always knows where I am in my treatment plan and what the next step is and what the timing is and is there is follow through. I feel well taken care of.

The confidence that I feel in Dr. Nevins comes from his professionalism and his attention and caring. You are not just another patient to him. And, we share the joy of success in his work. Because of my treatment, I feel healthier and prettier, and he joins in celebrating that with me.

My experience with Dr. Nevins and his staff has been life-changing. They have helped me with my overall health and helped me get over my lifelong phobia of oral healthcare!”


-General Periodontal Patient



“Experiencing the new laser approach has been really exciting because it's offered me the chance to get major health improvements without going through major surgery...Perio health has been a challenge for me since my early twenties, so I consider myself a highly experienced periodontal patient. No sedation was needed and recovery was much easier. Its much more user friendly.  The comparison is profound between traditional treatment and laser. Believe me, I‘ve had enough treatments to know I prefer the laser! And, we’ve had excellent results so far.

One thing that is truly unique about Dr. Nevins and his practice is the extremely high level of competence. You feel it the moment you walk in the door from the front desk team, the hygienists, and every clinical assistant. And you get such a strong sense of confidence from Dr. Nevins. Walking into the office is great. Its bright, cheery, and modern feeling – it’s consistent with his treatment approach. 

I love the way Dr. Nevins works with his team. He is definitely in charge, but he knows that his staff have skills and talent and they will tell him what they think he needs to look at.” 

I trust Dr. Nevins because when he said this tooth has to come out he explained why with facts and data. He expressed it with a quiet confidence that made it clear to me that he really knew what he was talking about, and that confidence made me feel that it was going to be o.k., and that I could trust him. I know Dr. Nevins is preserving my oral health over the long term.

For me the ROI is I want to have my teeth in my head in the future. And have a good healthy perio environment.”


-Laser Therapy Patient



“I was in dire straits. There was really no solution but implants for me and I am so grateful for Dr. Nevins and his modern approach...I have truly experienced the marvels of modern technology. I can’t believe when I look at myself; it’s taken years off my life compared to my real teeth. And it all feels like it’s my mouth.  Dr Nevins even put synthetic bone in my jaw to build it up in front. It all feels like it’s my mouth and it’s better than my own teeth. I had such bad teeth for so long, but now I start every day feeling strong, solid and secure. It’s even better than how Dr. Nevins described it to me when we started out! This treatment is a breakthrough for me in terms of quality of life and overall health. 

I trusted them because they made me feel from the start that I was in good hands.  I could call and ask questions; Dr. Nevins was totally there for me.  Whenever I went in I could talk to whoever was attending me and pick their brains.  Each person was so knowledgeable; they wanted to know how it was going for me. They were all there for me, it was very personalized.

They have state-of-the-art technology and it shows in all aspects; pain management, knowledge, the way that they presented everything to me -- it was all amazing. The 3-D imaging on the computer was phenomenal.  It inspired confidence in me because I could actually see my jaw with the place with where the implants were going. Dr. Nevins would point out the weak areas where the bone needed to be filled and explained everything to me as we went. It gave me a secure feeling that I was in good hands. They kept so in touch with me, calling me to see how I was doing, how I was feeling. The follow up was terrific. I just can’t sing enough praises about them.

Everyone at BPDI is so professional.  The experience here was the best it could have been for what I had to have done. The professionalism, the friendliness, and I felt totally comfortable asking what to expect and what I was going to be facing. From start to finish there as so much that happened.  They were prepared for every question every step of the way.”


-Dental Implant Patient